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Merrill Reese Talks About Golf and the Masters Tournament
on Mike Ivankovich's "What's It Worth" Radio Show

"What's It Worth?
Ask Mike the Appraiser"

Antiques & Collectibles Radio Show

on WBCB 1490 AM
in the greater Philadelphia, PA area

Friday Mornings: 9:30-10:30 AM EST

Realtors Sell Your Home.
We Help You Sell What's INSIDE Your Home.

What are your Antiques, Collectibles and Household Contents worth? And where can you sell them for as much as possible? That's the focus of "What's It Worth? Ask Mike the Appraiser". Join professional Appraiser Michael Ivankovich each week when he'll help you to understand how to turn your valuables into cash!

Each week's show will include:

  • Discussions on the Best Ways to Sell Your "Stuff"…with Different Guests and Topics Each Week
  • Our "What's It Worth" Game
  • Auction Highlights, Upcoming Events, and Mike's "Insights into the Trade"
  • Special Guests, Author Interviews, Much More.

"What's It Worth? Radio Show
is Always Seeking
Knowledgeable & Entertaining Guests

The "What's It Worth? Ask Mike the Appraiser" Radio Show may take place in the WBCB Studios in the Greater Philadelphia PA area, but based upon our Guest List below, we're truly a national Antiques & Collectibles gathering place. We've had both guests and listeners from the East-to-West Coast, and from Chicago-to-Texas, Florida, and beyond. We've developed a strong Internet following and are always seeking knowledgeable and entertaining guests.

If you know anyone who might be a great guest, call Mike at (215)-264-4304.

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Recent "What's It Worth" Guest List

Cory Amsler, Vice President & Head Curator, Mercer Museum (Doylestown PA)

Chris Answini, Comic Book Expert, Alderfer Auction Company (Hatfield PA)

Cathy Arnold, Mercer and other Tiles

Dana Balsamo, Quilt Expert (Princeton NJ)

Barbara Beem, Columnist, Antiques Week Magazine (Baltimore MD)

Chris Bensch, Vice President, National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum (Rochester NY)

Eric Blum, Franchise Owner, 1-800-GOT-JUNK (Newtown PA)

Ivan Briggs, Fountain Pen Expert, PBA Galleries (San Francisco CA)

Gimmie Jimmie Bucci, President, Vintage Table Cloth Lovers Society

Charles Bush, Postcard Columnist, Antiques Journal

Bill D'Anjolell, President, Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association (Newtown PA)

Jim Dawson, Dealing with a Book Collection

Brian Dwyer, President, Robert Edwards Sports Memorabilia Auctions (Chester NJ)

Factory Antiques Mall (Verona VA), America's Largest Antiques Mall

Eric Fleischer, Jim Fitch and the Steam Boat

Fred Fletcher, America's Mechanic, Petroliana and Automotive Collectibles

Greg Glemser, President, Doylestown Gold Exchange and periodic What's It Worth Co-Host (Doylestown PA)

Vicki Gold,Renewed Atlantic City Experience

Mike Gribbon, Musical Instrument Expert, Alderfer Auction Company (Hatfield PA)

Kathy Grogg, Home Organizing

eBay Sue Ivankovich, Buying & Selling on eBay

Jenna the Millennial

Jim the Book Man, Bible Repairs

Ashley King, Clock & Watch Professional, The Clock Trader (Quakertown PA)

Michael Locati, Online Auction Specialist, Michael Locati Auctions (Maple Glen PA)

Meg McSweeney, David Library of the Revolution

Ashley Miller, Concord NH Library - Donating Treasures to a Library

Mallory Mortilarro, Recently Discovered Rodin Sculpture

Hank Nowak, NASA Collectibles

Michael Osacky, Baseball Card & Sports Memorabilia Expert, www.BaseballintheAttic.com (Chicago IL)

Karl Pass, Editor, Antiques & Auction News (Mount Joy PA)

Kat Peach, Vinyl Records and DisCogs.com

Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association State Convention, Numerous Auctioneers from throughout the State of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg)

John Peters, Author, Charles Henry Sawyer Hand-Painted Photographs

Lou Powers, WBCB Radio Personality and Vintage Record & Cinema Collector (Levittown PA)

Tom Rago, Author & Trenton NJ Potteries Expert, Rago Auction Company (Lambertville NJ)

Merrill Reese, The Voice of the Philadelphia Eagles (Levittown PA)

Andrew Richmond, Winterthur

Harry Rinker, Author, Columnist, Radio Show Host, and Antiques & Collectibles Guru (Kentwood MI)

Liz Roach, President, American Pattern Glass Society

Mike Schiller, WBCB Radio Show Personality

Ellen Schroy, Warman's Price Guide Editor and Glass Expert (Middletown DE)

John Sexton, Civil War Columnist, Journal of Antiques & Collectibles (North Palm Beach FL)

Peter Siebert, Columnist, Antiques & Auction News (Mount Joy PA)

Phil Sklar, Founder, National Bobblehead Museum (Milwaukee WI)

Kevin Smith, President, KDS Auctions (Allentown PA)

Brent Souder, Alderfer Auction Company, Antiques & Collectibles

Grant Souder, Alderfer Auction Company, Firearms Auctions

Blythe Stephenson, Insurance Expert, Liberty Mutual Insurance (Newtown PA)

Elizabeth Stewart, Author, "No Thanks Mom, I Don't Want Your Stuff" (Santa Barbara CA)

Shawn Surmick, Columnist, Antique & Auction News (Mount Joy PA)

Connie Swaim, Editor, Antiques Week Magazine (Knightstown IN)

Ernie Valtri, Fine & Collectible Wine

John Weatherhead, Beer & Brewery Collectibles

Brett Weiss, Pop Culture Columnist, Antiques Week Magazine (Dallas TX)

Jim Wroda, Carnival Glass Auctioneer (Greenville OH)

Review Article from the Lake Hopatcong (NJ) News
on Mike's recent "What's It Worth" presentation

About Mike Ivankovich

Mike Ivankovich is an Author, Auctioneer, Appraiser, Antiques Dealer, Home Downsizing Specialist and Meeting Speaker with 35+ years experience helping people deal with their "Personal Property", i.e., their Antiques, Collectibles, and General Household Contents.

He has been a licensed and bonded Pennsylvania Auctioneer since 1994 and has conducted Auctions in 10 different states. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association and has been named "Pennsylvania's Auctioneer of the Year" by fellow Auctioneers.

As a professional Personal Property Appraiser he has earned both his Graduate and Master Personal Property Appraiser designations, and is USPAP-certified. An Antiques Dealer for more than 30 years, he is a Past President of the Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association. He has authored more than 20 books & eBooks in his areas of specialty and his columns have appeared in trade papers nationwide.

He is the author of the book "Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps", and he has helped literally hundreds of area families downsize their homes. And he has spoken to groups too numerous to mention in the Greater Philadelphia area. Michael is married and resides in Doylestown (Bucks County) PA with his wife Susan, and they have eight children (4 children & 4 spouses) and five grand-children.

Mike with Jim Foxwell at the WBCB radio studio

Mike with Lou Powers and Jim Foxwell

Put "Mike the Appraiser" to Work For You!


  • Antiques Road Shows: Mike can come to your next meeting or event and conduct a fun, informative and entertaining "What's It Worth?" Antiques Road Show-type program for your group or organization.

  • Home Downsizing Presentations: Mike has an assortment of Home Downsizing presentations which can be tailored to your group's needs. For further details visit: www.michaelivankovichMEETINGSPEAKER.com


  • Mike has been a professional Fundraising Auctioneer for more than 20 years and he LOVES RAISING MONEY FOR GOOD CAUSES. Mike calls approximately 50 Fundraising Auctions per year and may be available to help you with your next event. You can learn more at: www.michaelivankovichFUNDRAISINGAUCTIONS.com


  • $195 House Contents Appraisals: Mike will come to your home, verbally appraise your Antiques, Collectibles and Household Contents, and recommend where you can sell them for as much as possible. For further details visit: www.michaelivankovichAPPRAISALS.com/IN-HOME.html

  • Written Appraisals for Most Personal, Business or Legal Needs: Mike is a GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser), an MPPA (Master Personal Property Appraiser), his appraisals are USPAP compliant, and include list below. For further details visit: www.michaelivankovichAPPRAISALS.com/
    • Probate and Estate Tax Appraisals
    • Insurance Replacement Cost & Claim Appraisals
    • Divorce & Domestic Appraisals
    • Equitable Distribution Appraisal
    • Life Planning Appraisals
    • Non-Cash Charitable Contribution Appraisals
    • Antiques, Collectibles & Collection Appraisals
    • Art and Jewelry Appraisals; more.

  • Let Mike Help Sell Your Gold & Silver Coins, Jewelry, Flatware, and Decorative Accessories. For further details visit: www.michaelivankovichAPPRAISALS.com/GOLD-SILVER.html
    • Mike will appraise your items … risk free … before you sell.
    • We'll provide you with a pre-sale estimate of value.
    • We'll search out the highest paying buyer and negotiate on your behalf.
    • We'll consummate the sale and deliver the proceeds to you.
    • And Mike will ALWAYS get more for your precious metals than you'll get on your own. Guaranteed.

  • Moving, Home Downsizing & Estate Services. For further details visit: www.michaelivankovichAPPRAISALS.com/DOWNSIZING.html
    • Mike can sort some or all of your house contents into "Sell", "Donate", and "Dispose" categories.
    • We can "Sell" the sellable items.
    • We can "Donate" the donatable items.
    • We can "Dispose" of all disposable items.

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